Company presentation

The company NutryPharma was formed with the objective of manufacturing, importing and distributing healthy, high quality and maximum safety products covering different areas. From products such as food supplements, diabetics and celiacs, organic and vegetarian, and even natural cosmetics, distributing nationally and internationally.

Our basic principle – efficiency through wisdom – unites the two pillars of our work: the efficiency of our products and the high level of competence of our company’s staff.

With our knowledge, we continue to develop and market new and innovative products containing carefully selected and high value raw materials.

The quality of the products produced, imported and distributed is our main reference. We want the offer to be extensive and varied, always taking into account the quality and safety factors for the consumer, all products sold will always have to be approved by the best tests existing in Europe.

Several of the brands exclusively represented by NutryPharma are leaders in the market, in sales and in the quality of the different tests, having only been possible due to the high level of demand in the choice of products by our specialized technicians.

We are together for a healthy lifestyle!!!!

Your road to sucess – with effective food supplementes from Nutrypharma

Qualidade dos produtos

The Philosophy

Health shouldn’t be luxury, we like to be transparent and offer products at a realistic and fair price, without sacrificing quality. As a one-stop supplier, we analyze our customers’ needs and continue to develop our range to ensure that the necessary supplements are available for every age and target group: seniors, sportspeople, allergy sufferers, vegans, vegetarians and children. Our portfolio comprises products with a high degree of bioavailability and have several types of effects: preventive, curative or in improving performance. The products are easy to take and very well tolerated.

Ensuring the strictest quality standards

All our health products are tested in certified laboratories. All criteria are met, and only then are products licensed for sale. Example: ZeinPharma defends compliance with the strictest quality standards Certified by TÜV Süd according to ISO 9001: 2015, tested to HACCP, awarded organic certificate and authorized by the public health department and regional council to manufacture food dietetics.